Where High Achieving Single Women Attract Love and Build Friendship.

single womens society

The Single Women's Society empowers you to attract love using your Existing Super Powers. 

You Don't Have to be a Better Version of Yourself... 

You just have to use what you have, in a different way... 

We help you Find Your Person

We make you Ex-Proof.

This IS NOT counseling.

It's a Power Women's club.

Dating for Powerful-Single-Women....

You do not need to change.

Our program is not based around 'development' or 'improvement'.

It's about embracing who you are.

You are here for a reason. Do more of that...  


Be more you.

Can you handle that? 

Then come on in. 


cat cantrill

Cat built The Peacock and The Panther, a digital speakeasy for single women. Inside the speakeasy, women discover bespoke group programs, laser focused one on one mentorships and enthralling podcast to help them find true love.

Come inside. We offer you our Free Podcast and Newsletter, which we call our Single Women's Society. You should join. The drinks are great! 

No Broken Sparrows

This is a group of high achievers.

If you self-identify as 'broken' or a 'mess', this is not the right place for you. 

Of course, we have ALL been broken sparrows, at one time or another. You can find a way out of your situation with Cat's Free Content on her Podcast. 

no broken sparrows


What they say

allyssa testimonials

Cat taught me how to accept my challenges and to thrive through my goals.

Allyssa - Scientist and Veteran of Two Retreats with Cat
single women's society tessa testimonial

After working with Cat,
I can't believe this is my life.

Tessa - Traveling Healthcare