The Story of the Single Women's Society

Sometimes we are called, as it from somewhere louder than normal. We feel like our direction is a clear path, if we would just honor our inner guides. 

Once we start to hear things in a way that make sense, then we can take action, shifting the sails slightly, catching wind. 

We find love. 

This is your story and our story and the story of generations of women. We can help each other. Thus, the Single Women's Society was born. A beacon of women's knowledge, sitting around a cozy speakeasy. 

Single Women's Society
allyssa testimonials

"Allyssa has been around the world with me, TWICE! Once to St. Thomas and a second time with my high-end mastermind women, to Turks and Caicos! ✈️

Allyssa is a brilliant scientist, with a wide range of super powers, including taming atomic energy and photography."

I love her so much. 


The Keys To Our Speakeasy

Our Speakeasy has Three Rooms

The Powder Room

Get a little "zhuzh" in The Powder Room. Free workshop for single-high-achieving women who are ready to attract love into their lives. 3 step process to reset your dating foundation.

The Peacock Room

Find the caliber of support you expect with our Power Circles, feedback from peers, accountability and a private club full of women just like you.

The Panther Room

Bespoke private mentorship allows you to find love faster, with less effort, and with more support. Find out how to lead your love life, like you lead your normal life. 

About Cat Cantrill

Cat left her job in 2014 to open a women's dance studio in Iowa. It was a smashing success, featuring massive production shows, a staff of 14 and thousands of women's lives altered forever. More on that in a second. 

About three years ago, Cat started sneaking small groups of women away on international adventures. First to Paris, then London, St. Thomas, Turks & Caicos and Dublin. 

In 2020, the studio closed, due to the nature of the in-person nature, and the high expense business, the in person studio closed. 

Which allowed Cat to focus on who she enjoys helping. Which turns out to be, single, high achieving women. Follow Cat to listen to the Podcast and join the newsletter. 

For an in depth look at accolades and trophies... 

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