Many women who marry and have children young find themselves lost when the marriage ends.  

They don’t know who they are.  They don’t know their interests.  They don’t know what they are looking for in a partner.  They find themselves in a pattern of jumping from one failed relationship to another.  By settling in relationships it gives her a sense of normalcy.  When the relationship fails, she wonders what is wrong with her and blames herself.  

She will be in a relationship for the sake of being in one because at least she isn’t alone. 

In this week’s episode, I had an opportunity to coach Corina on-air. Cornina is a single mom of 3 who got married and divorced at a very young age.  We discuss the issues she has been facing when it comes to dating, finding love, settling and loving herself. Listen as I help Corina discover new ways to seek adventure, discover new interests and how she can date herself.  We come up with a game plan on how she can install self care into her weekly and monthly routine and how to not settle when it comes to relationships. 

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About the Author Cat Cantrill

Cat Cantrill left her corporate job in 2014 to start a women's movement. Cat founded the Single Women's Society as a place for high-achieving women to find love faster, among peers. FUN FACT? Cat hosts international women's retreats! She takes women to places like Paris, London, St. Thomas, Turks & Caicos and Dublin.

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