How to Love Yourself More

Does this sound like you?

You have created a foundation of self love.  

You have your daily rituals in place.  

You feel good about yourself but, you still feel like something is missing.

We all have something inside of us that is telling us to do more with our life. We choose to ignore it again and again.  We may think it’s being selfish or risky.  It’s not.  It’s love.  

In today’s episode we talk about how to love yourself more and 3 reasons why it’s important.  We explore the importance of listening to your gut and how doing the bare self love minimum isn’t enough.  

We speak about the necessity of going after your “one big thing” and how it is up to you to create the life you want.  

Edit:  The correct episode mentioned is Episode 003.  You can find it here.  

For my gals who like reading! Here is the Transcript!

Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Cat Cantrill show. You are here, my friend, because you are a woman who is falling back in love with herself. You believe that doing something for yourself is important, but having the potential to change is not the same as actually changing. So our goal with this show is to introduce you to women who will help you get unstuck.

So please help me in welcoming the Self Love Matchmaker.

Hello ladies, welcome to the Cat Cantrill Show. A show where we talk about the self-love issues that affect women. The most, our goal with this show is to help women set the foundation of self-love and to help women understand that their true match. It’s themselves. I am your host and self-love matchmaker, Cat Cantrill.

Welcome. Welcome to the show ladies. First, before I go into today’s topic, I cannot. Thank you all enough for all of your support and encouragement as we have launched this show, a huge shout out goes to my launch team. Ladies, you know who you are, thank you all who have subscribed and have rated and reviewed the show.

And in fact, I wanted to do, uh, I wanted to give a little shout out to the dancing house mama. She was the very first review that I received on iTunes and her message. I wanted to make sure to read this to all of you, because I do believe that this needs to be heard. So she says it’s not narcissistic.

It’s a necessity, loving who and what we are fully and taking care of yourself. First makes us even more amazing. We shine brighter in all the ways and we can love those around us really well. I am beyond excited for this podcast and to learn and grow into a better mom, friend and lover. Thank you Cat, for being so fierce in how you show up to take care of your tribe.

We love you for it, and I love you too. Thank you. Thank you so much for your reviews ladies. These mean the world to me, and you know, the more reviews we get, the more we’ll be able to share the message of self-love with. The women around the world. And thank you. Thank you to our brand new listeners for being here.

Welcome to the sisterhood. I’m so excited. I’m so excited to have you here. Thank you so much. Have I said I’m excited enough? I think so. It’s exciting times ladies. Okay. I’m getting ahead of myself. All right. So today’s episode is dediCated to my sisters. And my hands are on my hips. If you can’t see those sisters who say a Cat, I’m good.

I love myself. Self-love is solid. I practice self love every day. I’m meditating and exercising and journaling, and I’m doing all the good things and I feel good. I feel like I’m taking my girls weekends and, and believe me, my sisters. Yes, all of that, all of that, but today’s episode is all about how do you love yourself more?

And is that such a thing? It is when women have set the foundation of self-love, it’s not enough. It’s not, when women have said the foundation of self-love. There’s something inside of her that starts to become, which used to be a little voice. All of a sudden becomes a stronger voice. And it’s what I call a woman’s one big thing.

This is one thing that I work with with my clients when they, after they have set the foundation of self-love, they know that they are deserving of more. They know that they have this one thing. That they want to achieve. And it could be the one thing they want to achieve in a lifetime or the one big thing that she wants to achieve in six months or one year.

How to Love Yourself More

It doesn’t matter, but she has something that she knows that she’s being pulled to do her calling the fire that’s in her belly. When we are, even though we are practicing daily, self-love you’re still just doing the bare minimum. That’s the bare minimum, those daily exercises that you put into your life.

Those are the, that’s the bare minimum. It is our job to push ourselves. It is our job to understand that we are deserving of more. It is our job to listen to that voice and say, okay, I hear you, what am I going to do about it? Because here’s the thing, your one big thing doesn’t go away. You may think she goes away because you ignore her most likely when she’s like, Hey, I really want, I really think that we should be doing this thing with our lives.

And you’re like, no, I can’t. Because these people won’t approve or people won’t understand, or it won’t make money. I know you’re listening to this and I know that you’re saying to yourself, Oh yeah, she does. She does mention this to me on occasion. And I do put her down quite a bit. And if you’re listening to this and you’re like, I have no idea what my one big thing is.

It’s because you haven’t set that foundation. The more you continue to love yourself, the louder, this one big thing becomes nobody is going to do this for you. Nobody is going to set up your one big thing for you. It is our job to be true to who we are to listen to what this calling is. The one thing when you’re lying down in bed and you’re like, I wonder what it would be like if it was like this, I wonder what would happen if I decided to do this with my life?

Oh, I can’t do that. Oh, nobody will understand. Oh, I can’t because I’m committed to this or that. And you’re constantly pushing it aside and ignoring it well that my love is not loving yourself. It’s not, not chasing or going after that. One big thing in your life is denying yourself so many things, and I’m going to go over what those things are.

What are the perks? If you go after the one big thing it’s scary. It’s risky. It’s taking a huge chance. It’s possibly having people in your life who don’t understand, but the more you pay attention and the more you chase after this one big thing, believe it or not, you’re going to become happier. You’re going to have more joy in your life.

You’re not going to care what other people are doing. You’re going to be so busy living your life because you’re living the life that you have been designed to have. It’s society that tells us what we can and cannot do. Society is telling us all the time that we cannot can, cannot, can or cannot do, but it’s up to you to listen.

Do you listen, or do you not listen? Because if I was to listen to what society was telling me, what I was supposed to do, I would be sitting in a cube right now. I would not have this show. I would have never opened my business. If society told me what I was supposed to be doing with my life, it would not lead me to this point here with you.

Hello. Beautiful. I’m interrupting this broadcast because I have a little something, something for you, but let me ask you this first. When was the last time you said thank you to a compliment. If you’re like me, it took me a long time to be able to say thank you to a compliment, especially when someone says that you’re beautiful.

I’ve made it part of my life’s mission to tell as many women as possible how beautiful they are. In fact women don’t hear it enough, but the reality is that it doesn’t matter how much I tell you. Ultimately, it’s up to you to believe you. So I have a little special gift for you. I have a UAR beautiful sticker that I would love to send to you.

The little personal note from me to you, and here’s why I’m doing it. You take the sticker and you stick on the back of your cell phone. You stick it on your rearview mirror. You can stick it anywhere. As that daily reminder that you are beautiful. And I want you to tell it to yourself because studies have shown that when we repeat things to ourselves, we actually wrap our brains around it and start believing it.

So if you’re not going to accept a compliment. I want you to take this sticker and start paying yourself the compliment. So make sure and go to Cat, forward slash you are beautiful and sign up to have your sticker mailed out to you today. Okay. Now back to the show,

are you one of those women who says, Oh, I wish I could do that. Oh, I wish I could do that. Uh, sister, you can. You just choose not to, which leads me into, we’re going to go into three, three reasons on why it’s important to go after your one big thing, three reasons why you should do this so that you can continue the path of loving yourself more.

Reason number one, when we start the journey of going after this one big thing, we start to create a, an awareness that we can create anything that our life is our own creation. Do you know how powerful that is? I remember one time I had a dear friend of mine tell me that I was creating things, that I could create things out of thin air.

And do you know what I believe? I believe that every woman is just that we have allowed so many people and society to tell us that we can’t. Why can’t I do that, or I wish I could do that when we take ownership and take that power back and understand that we can create our own reality and that we can create our own life and that we don’t have to settle and that we don’t have to be in the bare minimum.

Do you know what that can do for you? You completely change your outlook on your life. When you understand that you create your own reality and not think that you’re stuck, because maybe you’re one of those sisters who’s listening and saying, Oh, I can’t Cat because I’m stuck here. I want you to listen to how you word that to yourself.

What type of verbiage do you use to explain your life? Do you jump out of bed every day? Super excited about your work. Super excited because you’re living a life that you’ve created, not somebody else has created for you, but your own life that you’ve created for yourself, or are you dreading getting out of bed every day because you’re living a life that’s not being true to who you are.

So when we understand the power that our life is our own creation, It completely changes the outlook of our daily lives. So the self-love that you practice now every day would even take it a step further. When we are walking in a space of creation and understand that we create our own lives. We stop comparing.

Cause it doesn’t matter anymore. And I talk about comparing it to episode three. So if you want to go back, you can listen to that. It doesn’t matter to us anymore because we’re living on our own. We are so focused on who we are. We’re listening to that fire in our belly. We’re saying to ourselves, I’m living my truth.

I’m living my purpose. I’m living my calling. And no one else doesn’t matter who gets in the way. It doesn’t matter because I’m loving myself. And this is what I’m being called to do. It’s such an important mindset shift when you understand that the power is all within you and this life is your own creation.

So that’s number one, number two, when we do things that are uncomfortable going after your one big thing is super uncomfortable, it always is always us. It doesn’t matter. It could be just a baby step or it could be a jacket. I can’t take a step it’s. It’s always uncomfortable, but it sounds cliche. I know, but when you do get uncomfortable, that is when growth happens when you are walking.

Into your own creation. You discover so many amazing things about yourself that you never would have because when you’re living a life of comfort, it’s just coasting, right? You’re just coasting along day in it’s like gray grant Groundhog day. Excuse me, every day. Right? Day in, day out. You’re coasting.

It’s fine. But when you get jolted, And you’re doing something different and it causes you to look at things differently or react differently, or puts you in situations that you never thought that you would be in. And you discover these amazing new things about yourself. What an incredible gift to give to you.

It’s important to get uncomfortable so that we can continue to grow and discover things. About you, that you would have never known otherwise. And I’m going to give you an example. So some of my sisters already know this story. So my business, my dance studio, we used to put on shows about every quarter, these big, huge shows.

And I would emcee these shows, but it wasn’t always that way. So when I opened up my dance studio, I was paying attention to my calling. It was very noisy. And I had done the work and I went through the process of opening up my dance studio. We had a show that we were putting on that night and my MC canceled the sold-out show completely two hours before now I’m living.

I am living in my own creation. I’m constantly pushing. I’m constantly uncomfortable. And now here I am again, uncomfortable. Again, I turned to my partner, Brian, and I’m like, what am I going to do? How, how am I going to find somebody to MC this show? Cause I can’t do it. I’ve never MC to show before. And he’s like, you have no choice.

And I was like, you’re right. I have no choice. Was I incredibly nervous? Oh yes. Was it the best emceeing job? No, it wasn’t. But I discovered something new about myself that night. I discovered that I loved seeing my own show. I loved being able to tell the stories of all of the women. I loved having that opportunity to connect with more people.

That night completely changed my business because I did something outside of the box because I pushed it because I decided, Nope, I’m going to do this. I’m going to take this. I am not, I know this is going to be super hard, but I’m going to do it anyway. And it changed my business because of that night.

It led me to this moment behind this microphone. I emceed my shows from here, from that point forward. But. If I didn’t take the risk of opening up my business and taking those risks of being uncomfortable, I would have never found out that I had those qualities inside of me all along. It’s important to continuously push and get uncomfortable.

It’s amazing. The things that you’re going to rediscover about you. All right. So number three, the third reason why it’s important to go after your one big thing is because your, what ifs, your what ifs change big time, right? You’re what ifs, instead of sitting there and saying, I wonder what would happen if I did this, I wonder what would happen if I did this or.

Allowing life just to completely pass you by. And you say to yourself, I wonder what has happened. If I decided to do this instead of this, I wonder what would have happened. If I decided to finally go after my one big thing, instead of being comfortable in a cube, when you pay attention and you go after your one big thing, your what ifs.

Level up. Right? What if, instead of saying, I wonder what would happen if I decided to go after my one big thing, your what ifs go? Hmm. Now that I’m going after my one big thing, should I do this or should I do this? What if I did this? You get excited about your, what if, what ifs you don’t dread your what ifs or what ifs are not a negative energy anymore.

Your what ifs become an amazing positive energy. You say yourself. Wow. Now that you understand that you’re in charge of your own life, that you’re, the creation is all yours. You’re stepping outside of the box. You’re doing things that make you uncomfortable. You’re learning that you have all of these skills that you never had before.

And now you’re what if, sort of like, Hmm. I wonder if I should open up a second loCation or maybe I should open up my office in Paris. Right? Okay. I’m exaggerating, but you get the point, right? You can see how that completely changes your perspective instead of allowing life to happen to you. You. Are creating your own life instead of being reactive, you are being proactive.

I chose to go after my one big thing several times. In fact, once I accomplish one big thing, I say to myself, what if. I go after this next one big thing, because when you start paying attention to your one big thing, the opportunities that come your way, you would have never crossed before you decided to go after your one big thing.

It’s a snowball. You start to create this one big thing, and then you go after that one big thing. And then you’re like, Oh my gosh, there’s something bigger. And there’s something bigger. I have this program that I call shine, and there’s a reason why I call it shine. Shine is a program where I work intimately with my clients for a year, because I want.

To hold them accountable, to give them the push, to give them the homework that they need to achieve. This one big thing, because as women, we need that help sometimes because when we decide to go after that one big thing, people in our lives may not understand or may not support us. Or might be jealous because they’re comfortable with their bare minimum and don’t want to push it.

So I call it shine because my goal is to have you shine in your life when you’re just doing self-love and you’re not going after that one big thing. Yes. Your light is there. But my job is to show you that your light can be so much brighter. So my question to you, Is what is your one big thing? And if you need help going after that one big thing, I can help you.

And if you’re listening to this saying to yourself, I don’t know what that one big thing is. Continue. The work of setting your foundation, understanding that your love that you have been seeking is inside of you. All along my wish for all of you listening to this show or watching the show on YouTube is for you to understand that you are deserving of so much more.

You owe it to you to go after your one big thing. She’s not going anywhere. That voice is not going anywhere. It’s what you’re here called to do. It’s just up to you. Whether or not you decide to listen to which voice you’re going to listen to. All right, ladies. Thank you so much for being a part of today’s episode.

If you need help, if you want to shine in your own life, please feel free to shoot me a message, or you can contact me at  dot com. The tab that says work with me and you set up a free 20 minute strategy call, and I’m more than happy to help you achieve your one big thing. And in the meantime, ladies, thank you.

Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for believing enough in yourself and listening to this show. And remember you deserve to go after your one big thing. All right, ladies, I will see you all next time. Bye. Thank you so much for tuning in to today’s episode of that. Kay. Cantrill show, will you do me a favor?

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Hopefully that helped you sort out How to Love Yourself More! Hugs, Cat

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