Over the next few months I have the honor of teaching dance to over 50+ CHAARG chapters all over the US.  CHAARG stands for Changing Health, Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls.  

In today’s episode, I talk about my experience working with the women of CHAARG.  I discuss how I use dance as a tool to teach them the importance of Self Love Matchmaking and self compassion. 

I break down the top 3 ways I assist the women of CHAARG in building their confidence and fall in love with themselves.  I explain that every woman should do the following three things to start the road of Self Love Matchmaking:

  1. Get Uncomfortable
  2. The Importance of Body Positivity
  3. How to Strut in Their Own Lives

If you have a young woman in your life, I challenge you to be her self love mentor.  Lead by example.  Show her how to love herself…by loving you. 

Are you a college age woman who is interested in CHAARG?  Click here for more information.  

For those who like to read, here is a transcript from this episode!

Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Cat Cantrill show. You are here, my friend, because you are a woman who is falling back in love with herself. You believe that doing something for yourself is important, but having the potential to change is not the same as actually changing. So our goal with this show is to introduce you to women who will help you get unstuck.

So please help me in welcoming The Self Love Matchmaker, Cat Cantrill.

Hello ladies. Welcome to the show. I am your host and The Self Love Matchmaker, Cat Cantrill. I cannot thank you enough for spending time with me today. I know you could be anywhere else. And the fact that you’ve decided to put me into your ears and into your hearts, thank you. 

And if you’re brand new, welcome to the sisterhood, I’m giving you all a huge digital squeeze I’m giving you all. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here before. It’s okay. I’m giving you all all of you, a digital squeeze from me to you as a huge hug of appreciation. And let’s be honest.  I miss hugs.

I miss all of the hugs. If you’ve ever met me in person, I am such a huge hugger. I know shocker, but I am such a huge, I’m such a huge hugger and I miss hugs so much. I know one day hugs will return. Let me tell you, sorry. Distraction. Let me go ahead and tell you a little bit more about this show.

So our goal of this show is to discuss the self-love matters that affect women the most. I’ve made it my life’s mission to help women. Reconnect with that inner woman to help women understand that their one true match is themselves. Thank you for being here.

Now. I have to be honest, I was going to do something completely different today. So today’s episode is one that I felt that I needed to do that I needed to cover because there’s been a lot going on.

Let’s be honest. Okay. Just to give you a frame of reference, I’m shooting this. March of 2021. And if you follow me on Instagram, wink, wink, Cat Cantrill, you know, that things have been a little bit hut to hectic. You know, that I’ve been teaching women dance all over the United States. And I want to talk about that.

I want to talk about what I have been doing with this incredible organization called CHAARG. And my relationship with these incredible women and what has brought me to this point to where I can have a zoom dance class of over 400 women. What an incredible celebration of self-love and body positivity ladies.

Right charge?

I’m going to back up. CHAARG is this organization founded back in 2012 and it stands for changing health, attitudes and actions to recreate girls. Their goal is to teach that there’s more to working out. Than just the elliptical for women and also to create a community of like-minded women, that they can work out together, that they can promote.

Self-love, self-care fitness, moving your body so you can see why charge. And I get along really well and charge has grown that they have over 100 chapters from all over the United States. And I have this semester. I will be working with over 50 of those chapters. And I wanted to talk about it because these teachings that I’m teaching these college women, I know that some of you may not know these things, that my goal of today’s episode is.

To have you leaving, learning something new because it doesn’t matter where you’re at in the stage of life or the role that you’re in or how old you are. It’s always good to be reminded and it’s always good to learn new things on how we can love ourselves. So charge was introduced to me by the beautiful women of University of Iowa.

And what they do the charter organization is they invite different fitness instructors from throughout their communities to come in and teach different forms of fitness, to expand these women’s minds. Right. And not only that, but to get them outside of the box. And, you know, I’m all about outside of the box.

So University of Iowa invited me. When I owned my dance studio, my storefront, they invited me to come and teach a dance fitness class, and I instantly fell in love, instantly loving the opportunity to be able to teach college women the beauty of self-love. And I know you might be hearing this going, Oh, it’s self-love, it’s a buzz word, or we talk about it more and more, but we don’t.

Believe me, I’ve been working with these college women for a long time. We cannot tell them enough of what they need to do to love themselves. All they see is what they see on social media. We need to have honest conversations with them. We need to sit down with them and say, this is what we do for self-love.

And this is why it’s important. These young women need. Positive female role models. And so if you’re listening to this ladies and you have a younger woman in your life, sit down and have that conversation with her. Okay. Off the soap box. So what’s happened is COVID charge was forced to. Kind of change things up because we weren’t allowed to have in-person fitness classes anymore.

So what COVID has done for me is allowed me an opportunity to teach women from all over the United States and not just Iowa, because of COVID, which has brought me to the point of where I was able to have zoom class of over 400 women. Charge is bringing in instructors from all over to give them an, a opportunity to teach these young women, to do it safely and to keep women moving.

Cause there’s one thing that I, one things that I’ve been saying through this whole thing is to keep moving your body. In fact, I need to do that today. Still is to keep moving your body. But as I’m teaching these college women, I thought that I would use today’s episode and to tell all of you the top three things that I teach the women of charge, and hopefully you’ll come away with something brand new that you can implement into your daily life.

All right, let’s go. Number one. And you, I bet that you’re, as you’re listening to this ladies, you’re already gonna know. You’re like, Oh yeah, I already know what she’s going to say. Maybe you do get uncomfortable now. Here’s, here’s one thing that the women of charge, they have one foot forward when it comes to this.

And I’m going to explain to you why my dance studio, I would have women who would. Book classes and cancel constantly all the time book canceled book, canceled book, cancel. They would want to come into the doors and then we get scared and never come in. So when the women of charge sign up for my dance class immediately, I know that they’re getting uncomfortable.

Do you know how much courage that takes and bravery to be able to get uncomfortable, to walk into something that you have no idea what you’re walking into. You have no idea what you’re going to learn. You have no idea who I am as an instructor to take yourself out of your comfort zone and to get uncomfortable and to learn a new skill.

That is why the women of charge usually will have one foot ahead of some of you listeners, because I know that there are things in your lives, ladies. That you have always wanted to do, but the fear of getting uncomfortable paralyzes you, and they like to say that we become Omer comfortable in our own skin.

The older that we get, the more we’re willing to take risks. I disagree. I disagree. I think that women become more set in their ways that they want to be experts at everything. And that they’re not willing to try something first. Try something for the first time they want to get it down Pat and not understand that a skill that’s part of the journey that by learning a skill over time and being able to perfect it, like that’s a part of being able to step outside of the box and then you work at it.

And as you work at it, you’re building your confidence. The women of charge when they come to my dance class, which is usually beginning heals class. And I’m going to explain to you why that is and may, and maybe you’re listening to this and going heels. Mm. And that’s okay, too, if you’re listening to this and you’re like, heals are not my jam cat.

That’s totally fine. That’s actually awesome because you’re listening to yourself and you’re like, Nope, heels. Aren’t my thing. But so many women are curious about dancing in heels, and I know if I can teach her just a couple of short little moves in those heels, do you know how powerful she feels after just one hour?

She’s not getting all the moves down. And I tell my women all the time, give yourself grace. And the whole point of this is to have fun and to be in your body. We’re so we’re out there all the time. We’re just like out there, sorry. My hands are waving all over the place where everywhere else, but here, right here in your body, be present right here.

And when you’re dancing in heels, it forces you to be present in your body because you’re concentrating and you’re thinking, and you’re like, okay. And of course, heels is always optional. It’s always optional. But when those women come to class, I tell them all the time how brave you are, how courageous you are kudos to you for getting uncomfortable.

You’re way ahead of the game. And ladies by teaching the younger generation that getting uncomfortable is a part of the growing process is so important. It even is so important to the fact of what careers these college women are choosing. So many of them are choosing careers that people have already predetermined for them.

And when I meet these women, they’re like you do what you coach women. You travel the world, wait, this is a thing you can do this. Yes, you can. You absolutely can. You don’t have to do what somebody else wants you to do. You can get uncomfortable. It’s not easy. It’s not, but you have to have enough courage in yourself.

If you have enough courage in yourself and bravery to take those steps into the unknown man. Those stores just open, wide open for you. Hey, beautiful. I’m interrupting. Today’s broadcast because I have a special announcement. The doors to the 21 day self-love challenge are now officially open. I’m so excited to offer this program to you.

Let me ask you something. Have you been listening to my show for a while? And you’re thinking to yourself. I know I deserve more. I know I need to start the journey of rediscovery and I know I need to love myself, but I don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry. My sister, I got you. The 21 day self-love challenge helps you set that foundation.

Gives you 21 days of actionable items that you put into your daily life to get you back on track, to get you to start loving yourself again, and really pave the road to success and ultimately help you become the woman that you’ve always wanted to be. I’m so excited to launch this program again, and it’s open for only a limited time.

So make sure and go to CAC cantrell.com forward slash 21 day to sign up for the program today. All right. Now, back to the show. So the first thing I teach these women is to get uncomfortable, which they already are by them coming to class. They’re uncomfortable. Okay. The second thing that I teach the women of charge is body positivity.

Now I can go into body positivity. In fact, I’m doing, uh, for the university of Iowa, I’m doing a whole body positivity who try to say that 10 times it was a body positivity workshop, which I’m very excited about these women. Even though yes. Pro body, yes. Body positivity has come a long way, but you know, that social media is getting worse.

They’re supposed to, to look a certain way. Their measurements are supposed to be a certain way and it keeps changing. Right? Every generation, body types keep changing the ideal body type. And one of the things that I tell these women is that, do you know that here in the United States States that the ideal body type.

Is cannot be attained unless you have plastic surgery. It’s not possible. It’s not, it’s like physically not possible unless you want to have surgery to have. And I’m using air quotes, ideal body type. So what I do in these classes is tell these women that their bodies are beautiful. All bodies are danced bodies.

All bodies are beautiful bodies. It doesn’t matter your shape. And I know they hear this over and over and over again, but by hearing it by somebody else and not just someone on social media, but somebody who’s in real life in real time. Do you know how important that is? They don’t hear that enough, because most likely without me going into it on without me, like really diving into this, they’ve heard it from their mothers.

This starts off long time ago, long time. In fact, I just read a study this morning starts at the age of three, three years old. This whole body stuff starts daycare centers. I’m not kidding. But most likely these women have heard the negative body talk among their mothers, their aunts, their neighbors, their teachers, their coaches.

So to have somebody in real time, look at them and say, your beautiful, your body is beautiful and everything is supposed to shake.

I’m doing a shimmy right now, everything is supposed to shake my sisters. Everything. Your body is a vessel that houses your beautiful inner woman. Your body is worth celebrating. Your body is worth moving and owning the space surrounding you. I tell women all the time. Stop hiding. Own that space. You deserve that space and the, or we keep talking about our bodies in a way that it’s positive body positivity.

Sure. I mean, I, the body positivity is one of those things where the way that I teach women, the number one thing that you can do. So here’s a little takeaway of, of, of what I teach in my body. Positivity workshop is that. Stop talking about your bodies in a negative way, completely to your sisters and stop hearing it too.

Like don’t if you’re, if your sister, your friend, whomever is talking negative about their body, stop it. Like just stop it altogether. We need to stop talking about our bodies. We just, we do. So what I do with these college women is tell them that their bodies are positive sources of energy, that they are beautiful and they are worth celebrating.

So the next time you go to talk about your body, make sure it’s all the good stuff. Okay. There’s my little, there’s my little homework for you. Okay. Number three. I teach these college women how to stress in their lives. Yes, it’s true. I teach women how to stretch and I’m going to explain to you why, and I’m going to actually have you do this with me.

So I don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your kitchen or if you’re getting ready in the morning, or if you’re laying down at night, I want you to do this activity with me. We’re all going to do this together. And then what I want you to do is take a picture and I want you to tag me on Instagram.

I want to see you actually doing the work. Okay. Let me explain to you why I teach women, how to stretch. I did this in my studio and I do this with the women of charge. And I’m gonna, now I’m going to do it with you. It’s important to walk through life. Like we own it because if it is it’s our lives, it’s nobody.

Else’s, it’s ours. How we walk through life, determines the outcome. And when we walk as women. With everything focused into the ground. You’re looking into the ground, the shoulders are down into the ground. You’re taking all of your energy and you’re pointing it into the ground that is telling the world that you’re not owning your life, that you’re not walking through it, that you’re allowing life to happen to it.

I believe that self-defense is important. I tell these women this all the time self-defense is important, but self-defense is reactive. I’m talking about the proactive I’m talking about. Let’s walk around, like we own it because if the more you walk in a confident way, the more people are going to like admire and watch you and be like, wow, she’s confident.

She knows what she wants. She’s she’s walking with conviction. That’s what I always say. Walk with conviction. In fact, when my kids were small, They are, Oh my gosh. They’re almost there. They’re 22 and 19 now, but when they were small and they were in daycare, they literally could. They knew exactly when I was walking, when I was coming to pick them up from daycare because of my walk.

I was always walking with conviction all the time because I chose to start walking. And strutting in my life instead of allowing life to tell me how to walk, which is everything pointed down. Right. Okay. So when we stretch through life, I tell these college women I’m going to change how you walk through campus.

Yeah. You’re going to be headed to that class that you don’t want to go to AP chemistry or English or.

Metrics it’s metrics, even a class. I don’t even know. Just kind of, that’s the first thing that came to my head, but it goes for all women. When you’re headed into that meeting that you don’t want to go to, or you’re having that uncomfortable conversation with a loved one, or you’re having to have some kind of conflict where you’re having to walk or you’re having, you’re dreading to have some activity that you have to go do, at least enjoy the journey.

Getting there. Right. Enjoy the journey. So here’s, I’m going to teach you literally, I’m going to teach you through this show on how you’re going to walk. Are you ready? So what I need you to do? Just shake it off, everything, everything we’re just going to shake it. Just shake, shake, shake it. Okay. Now. What I want you to do is I want you to put your shoulders back.

What I mean by that is I want you to just roll your shoulders back. Okay. Now naturally, naturally when you roll those shoulders back, the chest is going to the chest, comes out just a little bit. Okay. Try to look down. It’s really awkward. Right? Really, really awkward. Now with your shoulders rolled back and your chin up.

I want you to walk heel toe, heel toe, heel toe, basically walk as natural as you possibly can. Allowing those arms to swing shoulders back, chest up, chin up. And strut. Now here’s my suggestion put on that playlist. We all have one that go-to playlist put that in your ears and practice go for a walk instead of just walking straight.

It, instead of just instead of like dreading that walk to the, to the office or that walk that you have to go to class, strata it instead. Put on that, put on that playlist and strut to your go-to music. And I promise you within one minute, your mood will completely change. You will now look forward to it.

Now we can take it a step forward, being taken a step more to where I tell women not to move, but these times things are a little bit complicated. So we’re just going to go ahead and. We won’t, we won’t cover that on this episode, maybe in the future, we’ll cover that, but I challenge you straight through your life.

And if striding is too uncomfortable, I know you’ve heard of this post before. It’s what we call the wonder woman pose, right? When you stand with those legs about shoulder length apart, and you put those hands on your hips and you lift the same thing, shoulders are back. Chin is up. You and there’ve been studies on this.

This will completely make you feel like a bad, you know, this, this will make you feel that you can conquer anything is the superwoman superwoman posts. So that’s the third thing I teach women is to stretch through their lives. So I challenge you do the stretch challenge. See, see how it feels. And then take a picture and tag me, tag me on Instagram.

There are so many other takeaways that these women get from these dance classes. And as I used to say, dance is just a tool. It was a tool with my studio. It’s a tool with these workshops. It’s just a tool to help women reconnect with themselves, to fall back in love with their bodies, to help them understand that the space surrounding them is important.

They have every right to own that space and to give them the freedom of expression and to be themselves, and that you don’t have to fit into a box and that you can walk in your uniqueness.

Such an incredible I’m having, I’m loving this journey just so you all know I’m still, I’m working with the ladies of charge. I’m working with them through mid April and the way I look at it. Is if I can teach them just these little bits and pieces that I wish I would’ve learned when I was in college.

Just these little bits and pieces that are going to force them to second guess or to, I shouldn’t say second, guess to make them sit back and reevaluate, maybe some future decisions they’re going to make that might change the direction of their lives. Then do you know how important that is? So if there are young women in your life, start talking about the conversation of self-love start talking about getting uncomfortable, start talking about them, loving their bodies and teach them how to stress.

Stress has always had been a bad word. I’m reclaiming it. Like, it’s a great word. Like when I say stretch, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Right, right.

All right, ladies. Thank you so much for being a part of today’s spontaneous episode, episode eight. Thank you to the women of charge for allowing me an opportunity to teach them all of these necessary skills to help build their confidence and to teach them the importance of self-love. And thank you to my listeners for being here with me.

All right, ladies. Thank you so much for being here. And I’ll see you all next time. Bye. Thank you so much for tuning to today’s episode of that kicking control show. Will you do me a favor? Will you make sure and subscribe, like, and share this episode with women in your life when you feel that can benefit from our messages?

And what did you think about today’s topic? I would love to know down below, and if you haven’t already. Go and follow me on social media already. Witcha, go and follow us at the Keck Hansel show on Instagram and on Facebook. And always, if you’re interested in my products and services, you could find more information at  dot com.

And as a reminder, you are beautiful. You are deserving of your own love and your worth, your own time and investment. And I’ll see you next time. See you. Bye.

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