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The Single Women's Society is for High Achievers. Women Who are Excellent at Almost Everything. Women create what they want, find themselves in front fo this group, wondering, "Is this a sign?" 

What Is this?

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Imagine a Speakeasy in Your Mind

The Speakeasy is a place you can come whenever you need a place to be around peers, Single, High-Achieving Women. 

When you arrive at the Speakeasy, Cat greets you. She invites you inside to sit down in the round. A small stage is front of you. 

The Triangle is a mini map of the Speakeasy. Come in and sit down in the lounge... 

In the distance you see a door with a Panther. 

Another one has a Peacock. 

THe Lounge - Single Women's Society Podcast and News 

The Lounge is where things gets started.

Inside the Lounge, women can find complimentary mentorship from Cat on her Podcast. Join to get Cat's Monthly Menu. 


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Single Women Find Love and Peers 

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single women's society
The Peacock Room - PRivate Group

Monthly Roundtables and Cocktails with Cat. Cocktails with Cat
Monthly Private Cocktail Hour, hosted by Cat.

Every member must be approved by The Big Cat. 

The Panther Room - 1:1 Mentorship

Bespoke private mentorship allows you to find love faster, with less effort, and with more support. Find out how to lead your love life, like you lead your normal life. This is not counseling. Get what you need and proceed.

single women's society
single womens society
The Powder Room - Touch Up Your THinking

Monthly Wayfinding with Cat, like you get in the powder room in real life. Women gather around to back you up. 

The Orchard - Women's retreats

Retreats are the ultimate way to learn a new way to fly. Get up close with Cat while she bends your thinking back in shape. 

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Simple and Easy.

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