When you are a driven, independent woman it can be difficult to find love. Maybe you have given up?

The world of dating is full of drama, a ton of work, feels like job interviews and a lot of d*ck pics. So why bother? I have something I have designed just for you. In this episode I give you a sneak peek into my group coaching program, The Peacock Room.

The Peacock Room helps you create a positive outlook on dating. To give you the tools you need to have a fun & flirty dating life…one you look forward to. Today I walk you through the different rooms of offerings within The Peacock Room – from the pre-date tests and setup to the “Where do I go on a second date?” The Peacock Room has everything you need. Community, fun, tools, resources & a fantastic dating + love coach (that’s me).

Doors are open NOW – Schedule your call TODAY! Click here to for more info about The Peacock Room https://www.singlewomenssociety.com/p…

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About the Author Cat Cantrill

Cat Cantrill left her corporate job in 2014 to start a women's movement. Cat founded the Single Women's Society as a place for high-achieving women to find love faster, among peers. FUN FACT? Cat hosts international women's retreats! She takes women to places like Paris, London, St. Thomas, Turks & Caicos and Dublin.

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